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Our capacity

Equipping with the right means increases productivity and significantly reduces final costs. This results in higher quality and shorter production times.


Welding column SMB 40/40with two heads and linear rails

Useful vertical stroke of the boom: 4000 mm

Column fixed on rotating rack, with maximum 360° rotation around the base

Column and mechanical brake system, motorized rotation of the column

Steel Cone rolling machine

Materials: Carbon steel/Metal/Stainless steel

Small hole Diameter:60-232mm,Bigger hole diameter:1149-4289mm,

Max.height:544-2028 mm. Max.thickness:6 mm.

Tank & dish end polishing machine JT-2-IN-1

Arm movement: 4000mm

Column displacement: 1000mm

Arm speed: 0-280mm/min

Column speed: 0-300mm/min

Water jet cutting machine 3-axis

Dynamic precision (3-axis) ± 0,10 mm

Workable area: 2000x4000 mm / 78x157 in

4 Cylinder Rolling machine

Linear Guides Design (RGS) for small sizes

Maximum rolling diameter: 35000mm

4 independent bearings supporting the pinching roll (MCS)

Electronic synchronization of roll parallelism (EPS)

Other equipments

TIG / WIG welding machines

Orbital welding machine

Laser welding machine

Abkant bending machine

Hydraulic Edge Press