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As reliable as steel

Manufacturer of stainless steel equipment


Stainless steel equipment for the most complex requirements

RAP Steel manufactures highly customizable stainless steel equipment for industries such as food, chemical, or pharma. From design to production, we are fully involved in every stage of a project, always striving to exceed expectations.

Continuous development

We work with complex systems every day and know how important it is that every component works. We continuously invest in the development of technological capabilities and professional skills.

Customised services

Each project is unique. We understand our customers' needs and adapt to their requirements so that we deliver the required products to the specific standards.

Innovative mindset

We have a team that is passionate about engineering and responds enthusiastically to any challenge.

Solid commitment

We deliver what we promise: on time, within budget, meeting all requirements.


We are always looking for ways to optimise the way we work, to increase efficiency and constantly simplify the process.


Technological equipment, from design to execution

RAP Steel products carry the RAP Group quality guarantee.

Production of technological process equipment:



Melting units

Process Ducts


Stainless steel platforms


Design and engineering

Production according to the client's project